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Capital investment costs for plant and equipment in iron and steelmaking.

Report identifying current capital investment costs for iron and steelmaking plant. Please click on capex report.

Published December 2010.
MCI [?] GBP £1500 or USD $2500

[Executive summary]
Engineering Steel (SBQ) Industry Report

Engineering steel (SBQ bar) supply and demand in Europe. Report covers production, trade, consumption - including recent trends, future prospects, and a discussion of potential consolidation scenarios [contents] [exhibits
~50 pages. Published Q1 2010
MCI [?] € 995

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Data and Forecasts for Steel and Raw Materials
[report info]
Overview and forecasts of steel and raw materials markets development to 2025, ~180 pg [contents] James F King [?] $ 850
World Crude Steel Capacity Report
[report info]
Report listing steel production by country and process for past 15 years; showing plant and equipment details for all steel plants; listing planned changes to crude steel production capacity worldwide; ~230 pg [contents] Published: End-2009 James F King [?] $ 400
World Capacity & Production Report - Finished Steel Flat & Coated Products
[report info]
Report showing steel production data by country and product for past 15 years; showing plant info for all steel works; listing planned changes to flat product production capacity worldwide; ~240 pages [contents] Published: End-2009 James F King [?] $ 400
World Capacity & Production Report - Finished Steel Long Products
[report info]
Steel publication with production data by country / steel product for past 15 years; showing plant capacity plus equipment details for steel plants; listing planned changes to future long steel production capacity worldwide; ~470 pg [contents] Published: End-2009 James F King [?] $ 400
Polish Steel Industry Report

Supply and demand side review of the Polish steel industry. Report addresses recent history, industry structure and ownership, current capacities, production, capacity utilisation, environmental issues, productivity, demand level, demand segmentation, future steel consumption levels, market trends; outlines an industry SWOT analysis; and discusses some of the management challenges ahead   [contents] [exhibits]
~45 pages. Published October 2009
MCI [?] € 395

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International Steel Trade Statistics - Country Books** Individual country books giving you annual trade figures for ~195 iron and steel products. Published annually in September [example] Iron & Steel Statistics Bureau [?]  $ 375  per  country
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**: ISSB country book coverage includes steel sector statistics for: Australia, Austria, Belgium-Luxembourg, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Irish Republic, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and USA.

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