News report - $$ Iron-Ore Miners Bend to Chinese Preferences.
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Title: $$ Iron-Ore Miners Bend to Chinese Preferences
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2018 23:45:33 GMT

Report: SYDNEYMiners are encountering a new threat to their recovery from a deep downturn: China, which buys two-thirds of global iron-ore exports, is getting pickier about the kind of iron ore it wants. The price gap between high iron-content ore and lower iron-content ore has doubled in the past two yearsprompting a major rethink in strategy among mining companies used to finding ready buyers in Asia for all types of ore. The yawning price differential is a consequence of a shift in Chinas more-profitable steel sector toward bigger, greener mills, which run better on higher-grade ore.
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Source: Yahoo Finance.
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