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Top 5 tips for Consultant Selection.

Steel industry consulting support

We have put together five main rules that you may wish to consider when seeking to appoint a steel consultant for due diligence or feasibility study work.

The top 5 tips are:

  • Make sure the Consultant is independent. That is, he or she should not be associated with any other steel company, equipment supplier or competitor of yours

  • Get the Consultant to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The NDA should stipulate a minimum non-disclosure period of at least three years

  • Ask for the names and CV's of all experts who will be working on the job, especially the project leader

  • Check the track record and experience of the Consultant in your product or market niche. Ask what similar projects has he worked on in the past. What were the main issues in those assignments?

  • Request a written proposal which describes the task, the methodology, the deliverables, the expected project timing and the full assignment cost.

Other tips include checking consultant availability around project start date, requesting written testimonials [although steelmaking clients often refuse to give these] and / or asking the Consultant to provide a simple outline of the expected consulting process.

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