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Profile: MEPS (International) Limited

MEPS (International) Ltd is a leading UK-based consultancy company operating in the steel sector worldwide. MEPS is an acronym of the original company name Management Engineering & Production Services which was formed in 1979 by Chairman and Managing Director, Peter Fish.

The company started as a consultancy firm, mainly serving the steel sector. The firm then expanded into publications in 1984, retaining the initials MEPS for use in the new company name MEPS (International) Ltd.

Over the years MEPS have undertaken a wide range of studies covering all aspects of the global steel scene. Independence is the cornerstone of the business.

The steel industry is the nucleus of MEPS' business. From the core activity we provide a range of services and advice to clients through our multi-disciplinary team of consultants. The areas in which the organisation has built up considerable expertise include steel market prices, steel market trends, steel market distribution, steel manufacturing costs, technological trends, raw materials, trade, steel products and steel consuming industries.

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