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Company name: Canacero

Company name: Canacero
Category: Trade Association
Business location: Benito Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico

Expertise: Iron and steel industry Chamber of Commerce.
Keywords: Iron, steel, trade association, Mexico.
Telephone number: +52 (55) 5448-8160
Fax number: +52 (55) 5448-8180
Email address:

Other information: Canacero is an autonomous body that promotes the development of ethical and responsible business practices in the Mexican iron and steel sector.

Since 1949, the Association has been the official spokesman of the Mexican steel industry, tasked with the design of policies to support the sector's development.

Canacero operate as an advisory and linkage body to the three branches of the federal government and the three levels of government, as well as to national and international organizations related to the sector. Canacero also functions as the National Standards Body (NSB), approved by the Secretariat of Economy since July 2005.

Canacero offers various services to its Affiliated members that includes the supply of steel industry statistical data, as well as participation in Commissions and Technical Working Groups relating to customs, foreign trade, sustainable development, energy, legislative matters, mining, finance, logistics and transportation security, etc.

Recent news
  • 2020: Celebrates the coming into force of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Considers that the USMCA will significantly strengthen the competitiveness of North American steelmaking through the strengthening of existing integrated supply chains in the region and because of improvements on earlier NAFTA rules (especially strengthened rules of origin and enhanced regional value content requirements).
  • 2018: Raises counter-tariff possibilities in response to imposition by the USA of Section 232 tariffs on Mexican steel and aluminum.
  • 2015: Together with American Iron and Steel Institute, the Steel Manufacturers Association, the Canadian Steel Producers Association and other steel industry bodies, raises concerns about China's attempts to gain market economy status and thus join the WTO.

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