Japan Iron and Steel Federation - JISF.

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Company name: Japan Iron and Steel Federation

Company name: Japan Iron and Steel Federation
Category: Trade Association
Business location: Tokyo, Japan

Expertise: Steel federation for iron and steel sector in Japan.
Keywords: Iron, steel trade association, JISF, Japan.
Telephone number: +81-3-3669-4811
Fax number: +81-3-3664-1457
Email address: sunpou@jisf.or.jp
Website: https://www.jisf.or.jp

Other information: The Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF) was established in November 1948. The JISF is a nationwide representative body of the Japanese steel industry and its members consist of the country's major iron and steel producers, trading companies, and organizations engaged in steel distribution.
In order to promote mutual understanding and prevent trade conflicts, the JISF holds regular discussions on steel-related topics with China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and other parties. The JISF has also offered to cooperate with the Japanese government in order to help shape the appropriate steel trade policies.

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