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Company name: Russian Steel Association

Company name: Russian Steel Association
Category: Steelmaking Trade Association
Business location: Moscow, Russia

Expertise: Steel asssociation for iron and steel sector in Russia.
Keywords: Iron, steel, trade association, Russia.
Telephone number: +7 (495) 221 36 67
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Other information: The Russian Steel Association was founded in 2001 by Russia's leading iron & steel companies in order to coordinate efforts related to the promotion of the interests of Russian steelmakers and to implement joint non-commercial projects.

Member companies manufacture ~98% of Russia's pig iron; 90% of the country's steel and rolled products; about 60% of steel pipes and tubes; and a significant share of raw materials used in the iron and steel industry. Main member companies include the Evraz Group, Mechel, MMK, NLMK, OEMK, Severstal, TMK, IMH (Industrial Metallurgical Holding) and OMK (the United Metallurgical Company).

The Association includes a Technical Regulation Commission. The main activities of this unit include work to harmonize the Russian system of technical regulation, standardization and conformity with foreign systems in order to remove barriers for Russian products to enter international markets; and development and preparation of proposals for improving Russian legislation in the field of technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment.

Recent News
  • 2020: Considers fast V-shaped 2021 rebound in Russian steel demand to 2019 levels after adverse impact in 2020 of Covid-19 on domestic steel consumption (OECD proceedings).
  • 2019: Vladimir Lisin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NLMK Group, is elected President of the Russian Steel Association at Moscow Annual General Meeting held in June 2019.
  • 2019: Organises seminar at Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum on the topic 'Young talent for the metallurgy of the future' in March, discussing the relevant challenges for both industy and the education system, including anticipated requirements of industry 4.0 from the metal industry perspective.
  • 2013: Member firms meet with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to discuss high company debt burdens and easing of regulatory controls.
  • 2012: Russian Steel became a member of World Steel Association at the annual session on 3rd of October in Tokyo (Japan).

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