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Company name: Ukraine Steel Construction Center

Company name: Ukraine Steel Construction Center
Category: Trade Association
Business location: Kiev, Ukraine

Expertise: Asssociation for steel construction sector in Ukraine.
Keywords: Iron, steel, construction sector, Ukraine, USCC.
Telephone number: +38-044-280-18-20
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Other information: Ukrainian Steel Construction Center (USCC) is an association of participants of the steel construction market. This association unites the leading manufacturers and distributors of rolled steel, production facilities for metalwork, roofing and facade systems, sectorial research and design organizations; assembly and construction companies.

The USCC is a nonprofit institution incorporating members of the steel supply chain into the form of association. The mission of the Ukrainian Steel Construction Center is to promote steel constructions as the preferred material for construction by creating effective, innovative solutions for clients.

Constructions of interest to the USCC include the following:

  • Industrial building - either single-span or multi-span, including spans of different heights, with built-in work platforms and multi-storey inserts. Both steel and mixed frames are used in the construction of these structures
  • Low-rise buildings - typically built in the past from brick, wood or reinforced concrete, more modern buildings of this type now use steel frameworks
  • High-rise buildings, often with 20 or 30 storeys - where load-bearing structures are constructed from a steel frame; with wall panels [often from steel or aluminium) offering heat-insulation
  • Large-span buildings, such as sports or entertainment facilities - where special steel designs are used
  • Bridges and flyovers - which typically use steel beams [from reinforced concrete], steel arches and steel suspension systems
  • Sheet constructions - which typically use thin-gauge steel plate. Applications include tanks, gasholders, bunkers, silos, blast furnace casings, air heaters, dust collectors, large-diameter pipelines.

Recent News
  • 2021: Launches new service for the preparation of tender proposals.
  • 2017: Organises 4th National Architecture Student Competition 'Steel Freedom 2017'.

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