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Company name: Korus Engineering Solutions

Company name: Korus Engineering Solutions
Category: Management consultants
Business location: Delhi, India

Expertise: Steel industry engineering solutions.
Keywords: Technical consultancy, detailed project design, engineering services.
Telephone number: +91 9871 891 564
Email address:

Other information: Korus specialise in steel industry development, particularly greenfield steel plants, technology upgrades, capacity expansion, power plants and engineering support. They have a team of more than 200 highly qualified and experienced professionals trained in the relevant technical and engineering disciplines. They work from an office located at Bahadurgarh (Haryana), equipped with over 160 computer aided design (CAD) stations and specialized software for Mechanical, Civil, Structural and Piping design.

The firm undertakes technical consultancy, detailed project design work, and undertakes engineering services for all iron and steel production process poutes including ironmaking, steelmaking, casting, hot and cold rolling.

Typical assignments include the following.

  • Field surveys and investigations, including due diligence studies, assessments of production potential and valuations of plant and equipment.
  • Preparation of Bankable Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports.
  • Services to Financial Institutions as Lender's Engineer.
  • Preparation of preliminary designs and project engineering drawings for field activities.
  • Supply of detailed design and field execution drawings covering both civil and structural requirements, including electrics, automation, utilities [water, compressed air, fuel oil, gases], maintenance workshops, testing laboratories, pollution control equipment, ventilation and air conditioning, roads, fire fighting, site drainage etc.
  • Preparation of technical specifications and tender documents for procurement of production and auxiliary equipment and civil and structural construction work.
  • Planning and design of buildings, structures such as bridges and flyovers, underground transportation facilities such as underpasses and subways, pedestrian crossings, industrial buildings, material handling facilities and so on.
  • Planning plus design of community and rural water supply systems.
  • Assistance with procurement of plant and equipment.
  • Site services covering designers' supervision for execution of civil and structural works, equipment erection and commissioning.
  • Supervision and Quality Control Assurance construction support services.
  • Project management services, including progress monitoring and scheduling.
  • Inspection, erection and commissioning support services for newly-installed plant and equipment.
  • Design of iron and steel sector plant and equipment, machinery, and related material handling equipment.
  • Rolling Mill roll pass design support.

The firm has provided technical consultancy support and project engineering services for over three decades in India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Georgia, Tanzania, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE and USA.

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