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Steel Industry Management Consultants.

Company name: Steel Expert Witness

Company name: Steel Expert Witness
Category: Management consultants
Business location: London, UK

Expertise: Steel industry expert witness litigation support.
Keywords: Plant performance, breach of contract, cargo damage, valuations.
Telephone number: +44 208 504 2805
Mobile / cell phone number: +44 775 149 0885
Email address:

Other information: The Steel Expert Witness team supports clients in Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East on steel assignments relating to mill operations including steel plant performance, contract terms, cost and pricing issues, logistics, cargo damage, raw material non-delivery, business rate determinations, asset valuations and similar litigation matters. The practice is led by Dr Andrzej Kotas, CEO of the iron and steel industry portal and Managing Director of the MCI Group of companies.

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