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Steel Industry Management Consultants.

Company name: Steel Expert Witness

Company name: Steel Expert Witness
Category: Management consultants
Business location: London, UK

Expertise: Steel industry expert witness litigation support.
Keywords: Plant performance, breach of contract, cargo damage, valuations.
Telephone number: +44 208 504 2805
Mobile / cell phone number: +44 775 149 0885
Email address:

Other information: The Steel Expert Witness team supports clients in Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East on steel assignments relating to mill operations including steel plant performance, contract terms, cost and pricing issues, logistics, cargo damage, raw material non-delivery, business rate determinations, asset valuations and similar litigation matters. The practice is led by Dr Andrzej Kotas, CEO of the iron and steel industry portal and Managing Director of the MCI Group of companies.

Recent cases
  • 2021: Support with valuation of iron ore shipment after cargo lost at sea.
  • 2020: Assistance with steel pricing issues arising in construction sector dispute between project owner and contractor.
  • 2020: Litigation advice concerning dimensional tolerances and international steel standards pertaining to bar products.
  • 2020: Report preparation regarding valuation of used steelmaking plant and equipment.
  • 2019: Quantum valuation relating to billet shipment, following non-delivery of steel consignment.
  • 2019: Provision of expert view regarding alleged rebar rust damage that took place during sea transport.
  • 2019: Assessment of damages arising on switch to use of alternative raw materials after a cancelled pig iron delivery.
  • 2018: Advisory work in a dispute relating to non-payment of an insurance claim on a steel trading transaction.
  • 2018: Expert advice concerning pig iron phosphorus content for Middle Eastern client, including pricing issues.
  • 2018: Technical support regarding steelmaking economics, in litigation involving investment in ironmaking.
  • 2017: Advisory support in appeal involving the setting of business rates for a European steel works.
  • 2017: Quantum of damages calculations in cargo damage case during period of collapsing world metal prices.

A sister website is called MetalExpertWitness and supports clients with non-ferrous metal litigation work. Our experience encompasses aluminium, cobalt, copper, gold, lead, lithium, molybdenum, nickel, silver and zinc. It also covers the 3T metals [that is, tantalum, tin and tungsten] as well as the PGMs or platinum group metals [which include ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, platinum, osmium and iridium]. For further information please visit Metal Expert Witness.

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