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Company name: Metal Afrique

Company name: Metal Afrique
Category: Distribution - construction sector metal products
Business location: Dakar, Senegal

Expertise: Metals distribution.
Keywords: Building materials specialist.
Telephone number: +221 33 849 39 49
Email address:

Other information: Metal Afrique is a leading distributor of beams, bars, irons, flats, squares and angles, rebar, sheet metal (embossed or smooth), tubing (galvanised, stainless or API pipe), profiles (beading, Z-profiles, louvered blades), steel fencing, spikes, expanded metal, mesh and barbed wire.

The firm offers cutting of steel sheets according to desired lengths and thicknesses. Sheets cut according to client measurements are typically used in steelworks, in shipyards, for mechanical or industrial construction, and for other crafts.

Main clients served by Metal Afrique are in the construction, public works, agriculture, industrial construction, and artisanal and industrial metalwork sectors.

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