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Company name: Janki Corp Limited

Company name: Janki Corp
Category: DRI
Business location: Bellary, India

Expertise: Manufacturing of sponge iron.
Keywords: Iron ore pellets, sponge iron.
Telephone number: +91 8392 287704
Fax number: +91 8392 261174
Website: http://jankicorp.com

Other information: Janki Corp Limited (JCL) was originally incorporated in the year 1993 as a public limited company under the name Janki Processors Limited. Today,the business operates both a textile division and a steel division.

The sponge iron (or DRI) manufacturing plant is the nucleus and the basis for the establishment of a wholly integrated steel plant. The direct reduction plant has a capacity of 180,000 tonnes of DRI per annum. The manufacturing unit is setup at Sidiginamola village, Bellary District, Karnataka.

JCL produces iron ore pellets from iron ore fines using grate-kiln technology. This technology allows production of superior grade feed material for DRI and blast furnace operations. Once the fines are wet ground, they are dewatered, and the resulting concentrate is then mixed with binder and other additives to produce pelletiser feedstock. Pellets are heated, dried and indurated; with the majority used for in-house production of DRI. Direct reduced iron is produced by reducing iron ore pellets using non-coking coal in a rotary kiln. Pellet plant capacity at JCL is 0.6 million tonnes per annum.

Recent News
  • 2020: Announces expansion into steelmaking in Ballari district of Karnataka involving an investment of Rs ~420 crore. The project is to include expansion of sponge iron capacity and investment in a pellet plant, an iron ore beneficiation plant, a captive power unit (atmospheric fluidised bed combustion) with project completion scheduled for year 2021.
  • 2003: Company name changed to Janki Corp Limited (JCL).
  • 1993: JCL incorporated under the name 'Janki Processors Limited' in 1993 as a public limited company.

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