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Company name: Showa Denko

Company name: Showa Denko
Category: Steelmaking electrode supplier.
Business location: Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

Expertise: Graphite electrodes.
Keywords: Artificial graphite powder, graphite electrodes.
Telephone: 81-3-5470-3676 [Tokyo]
Telephone: 81-6-6578-5207 [Osaka]

Other information: Showa Denko K.K. was set up in 1939 with the merger of Showa Fertilizers K.K. (which was the first ammonia maker introducing domestically-developed technology) and Nihon Iodine K.K. (which pioneered commercial production of aluminum in Japan).

Today, the Showa Denko Carbon Products Division supplies graphite electrodes for electric steelmaking furnaces. These electrodes are indispensable for the recycling of iron and steel - key characteristics are good electrical conductivity, high resistance to thermal shock and low oxidation at elevated temperatures.

The division also supplies high-quality recarburizer for iron casting.

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