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Company name: ABP Induction Systems

Company name: ABP Induction Systems
Category: Steelmaking plant and equipment
Business location: Dortmund, Germany

Expertise: Steel plants, foundries, reheat furnaces.
Keywords: Induction-based melting, refining, reheating of steel.
Telephone number: +49 (0)231-997-0
Fax number: +49 (0)231-997-2467
Website: ABP Induction

Other information: ABP Induction Systems is a global firm that supplies induction-related equipment and services for steelmakers, foundries, forges and tube & pipe producers. With foundry headquarters in Dortmund (Germany) and induction-heating headquarters in Brookfield (United States), ABP has operations in China, Sweden, Thailand, Russia, Mexico, India, Japan and Brazil.

ABP can support customers both by designing new plants and by modernizing existing facilities. The firm also offers extensive aftermarket services. ABP incorporates the latest technology to ensure the highest quality, reliability and return on investment.

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