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Company name: Ebner Group

Company name: Ebner
Category: Annealing plant and equipment
Business location: London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Metal annealing plant and equipment.
Keywords: Steel industry, aluminum, copper base metals, heat treatment, annealing.
Telephone number: +43 732-6868
Fax number: +43 732-6868 1000

Other information: Ebner is a market leader in the supply of heat treatment facilities for the metals industry (including continuous annealing lines, bell annealers, bright annealing lines, hardening and tempering lines). The company specialises in research, development, fabrication, installation and commissioning of heat treatment facilities for the steel, aluminum and copper base metals industries.

The firm is also a pioneer in the field of modern burner technology.

Within the steel sector, EBNER is very well known for its bell annealers, continuous annealing lines, its hardening and tempering lines, as well as its heat treatment furnaces.

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