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Company name: EBR Metal Group

Company name: EBR Metal
Category: Sheet metalworking plant and equipment & machinery
Business location: Konya, Turkey [HQ]

Expertise: Cutting, folding & bending machines, hydraulic presses.
Keywords: Sheet metalworking equipment.
Telephone number: +90 262 343 22 90
Email address:

Other information: EBR Metal has been producing sheet metal working machines with its production experience accumulated over many years. Operations commenced in 2002. Products are sold under the EBR METAL brand - a name that derives from engineering, bending and rolling solutions.

Main products include sheet metal folding machines, sheet metal cutting machines, sheet metal bending machines, punching machines, section and pipe bending machines, forming machines, hydraulic presses, pneumatic forging hammers, circular saws, bandsaws. Customer are mainly from Europe, the Middle East, North America and Africa. The main factory is located in Kocaeli.

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