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Company name: Stokkermill

Company name: Stokkermill
Category: Steel recycling plant and equipment
Business location: Manzano, Italy

Expertise: Metal shredding, grinding and sorting machinery.
Keywords: Ferrous scrap, aluminium, copper, bronze.
Telephone: +39 349 169 1425
Fax: +39 328 184 1160
Email address:

Other information: Stokkermill designs and produces machinery for supporting the recycling industry. Recycling capability covers ferrous scrap as well as metal and aluminium scrap, electric motors, end of life vehicles, tires. All recycling machinery is designed and produced in Italy.

Main products include innovative machines and plants for the grinding, granulation, shredding and separation of non-ferrous metal scrap; machinery for aluminium processing, preparation and recycling; equipment for the recovery and recycling of copper and aluminum cables, and for the recycling of electrical and electronic materials.

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