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Company name: Abbas Steel Group Pvt Ltd

Company name: Abbas Steel Group
Category: Steel long products
Business location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Expertise: Bar, rebar, angles, channels, wire rod
Keywords: Carbon steel long products.
Telephone number: +9221 3587 0171
Fax: +9221 3587 0708
Email address:

Other information: Founded in 1988, Abbas Steel Group (ASG) is Pakistan's leading steel manufacturer and importer of re-rolled steel long products. The company is located in Karachi. Main steel processing facilities comprise a combination of automatic and manual re-rolling mills which have a combined capacity to produce ~200,000 metric tons of steel products. ASG also has a number of sales centers spread across the country.

Abbas Steel Group is the largest provider of long steel products in Pakistan serving clients mostly in the construction sector. Main products sold include:

  • Wire Rod in sizes of 5.5mm to 14mm, with a coil weight of 80-145 kilograms, used for manufacturing of welding electrodes, fasteners, nails and drawing wire
  • TOR Bars. These are manufactured using prime quality billet of grade SR-24, in sizes ranging from 8mm to 40mm, and in lengths ranging from 6m to 18m and conforming to BS4449 standards
  • Deformed Bar, manufactured from grade 40 or grade 60 billet, 8mm to 40mm diameter, with a length of 12m to 18m, normally used for construction applications
  • Bailing Hoops, width of 16mm to 18mm, available on order and for use in cotton ginning
  • Cold Drawn Wire, drawn from prime quality wire rod of grades WR-8, SAE 1008 and SAE 1010, and ranging from sizes of 5.5mm to 14mm, with weight per coil between 80 kilograms and 145 kg
  • Shafts, ranging from sizes of 12mm to 32mm
  • Angles, with maximum dimensions of 50mm x 50mm x 6mm
  • Hot rolled profiles, in small sizes and in lengths ranging from 6m to 12m.

Note that wire rod is manufactured using prime quality billet from Pakistan Steel Mill of grades WR-8, SAE 1008 and SAE 1010, with weight per coil between 80KG and 145Kg.

ASG's quality assurance policy conforms to ISO 9000:2008. Routine product testing (covering billet, bar and rod products) is undertaken in the company's own material testing laboratories, which are equipped with both chemical and mechanical testing equipment.

Along with being the largest producer of re-rolled steel products in Pakistan, Abbas Steel Group is also involved in the iron ore mining business, in ship breaking, in steel trading and steel import.

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