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Company name: Ahrens Steelworks

Company name: Ahrens Steelworks
Category: Structural steel fabrication
Business location: Kingsford, Australia

Expertise: Structural steel manufacturing.
Keywords: Construction, engineering and mining services.
Telephone number: 08 8521 0000
Website: www.ahrens.com.au
Email address: ahrens@ahrens.com.au

Other information: Ahrens is a national full-service construction, engineering and mining services company, delivering a complete range of project services.

Ahrens specialises in structural steel manufacturing and fabrication, materials handling mining and grain, design and construction, industrial and commercial buildings, grain storage and handling equipment.

The Ahrens steel fabrication plant, located near their head office at Kingsford South Australia, is home to the country's first automated Custom Engineered Building (CEB) plant, which is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world. This facility includes a state-of-the-art automated shot blast and paintline system, allowing Ahrens to fabricate and paint structural steel for buildings, bridges, mining projects and a host of other structures with a technology that is second to none.

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