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Company name: Al Farooq Steel Industries

Company name: Al-Farooq Steel Industries
Category: Fabrication of steel long products
Business location: Karachi, Pakistan

Expertise: Plain and deformed steel bar.
Keywords: Debar, plain round bar, TMT bar, square bar, cold twisted bar
Telephone number: +92 (021) 32380041-3
Fax: +92 (021) 11-11-234-11
Email address:
Website: Al Farooq

Other information: Al Farooq Iron and Al Farooq Steel Industries strive to supply best quality steel bar products to customers in Pakistan and abroad.

Main products sold by the firm include carbon steel deformed bar with minimum tensile strength of 500 MPa, Alfa G-500 thermo-mechanically treated TMT bars with 575 MPa minimum tensile strength, plain round bar (6-38mm diameter, used for all general fabrication and repairs in industrial maintenance) , square steel bar, cold twisted bar (up to 1" in diameter).

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