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Company name: Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC.

Company name: Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC. 
Category: Steel Fabrication
Business location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Expertise: Cold rolled and zinc coated steel coil.
Keywords: Cold rolled coil, hot dip galvanized coils, GI coil
Telephone number: +971 2659 3400
Fax: +971 2550 0949
Email address:

Other information: Al Ghurair Iron & Steel is the first steel cold rolling and galvanizing complex in the United Arab Emirates. Located strategically in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, the 400,000 tonne per year facility caters to the requirement of the construction, fabrication and other non-automotive industries primarily in the MENA region.

Main raw materials – hot rolled coil and zinc - are procured from leading steel mills and zinc metal smelters from all over the world.

The Company's main production lines include a semi-continuous pickling Line, a 6-high reversing cold rolling mill and a continuous galvanizing line. Main products sold include hot rolled pickled and oiled coils, full-hard cold rolled coils, hot dip galvanized coils, galvanized steel sheets and slit coils.

Al Ghurair Iron & Steel has a dedicated Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) department committed to implementing best practices to ensure the health and safety of employees and to protect the environment. The Company has adopted an integrated Environment, Health & Safety Management System (EHSMS) which is approved and certified by the Abu Dhabi regulatory authority (ZonesCorp).

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