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Company name: Alaf

Company name: Alaf
Category: Steel roofing sheets
Business location: Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Expertise: Steel roofing manufacturer.
Keywords: Pre-Painted Aluminium Zinc coated steel, metal roofing, sheet, tiles.
Telephone number: +255-768 555 560
Email address:

Other information: With over 50 years� track record in business, Alaf Limited is a leading steel roofing and long products manufacturer in Tanzania. To complement its roofing brands, specialist products are sold by Alaf, such as Fixtite fastener products, steel pipes and hollow sections, and other value added accessories for the building industry.

Alaf also supply black steel pipes (for structural fabrication applications), hollow sections (for light trusses, furniture fabrication, and various light engineering applications), Z purlins (thin-gauge lightweight construction elements produced by roll forming, mainly used in roofing applications) and plates 1-8mm thick.

Alaf Limited is a part of the Safal Group of Companies, leader in steel roofing solutions in Africa, with operations in 13 countries extending across East, Central and Southern Africa.

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