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Company name: A.S. Steel Group

Company name: A.S. Steel Group
Category: Steel Rebar Producer
Business location: Karachi, Pakistan

Expertise: Rebar manufacturing facility; deformed and cold twisted steel bars.
Keywords: Steel reinforcing bar, rebar, cold twisted bar, debar.
Telephone number: +92 21 32563948
Fax: +92 21 32570907
Email address:

Other information: A.S. Steel Group is Pakistan's 1st multinational metals group. The firm is one of the leading steel rebar producers in Pakistan. The firm manufactures deformed and cold twisted steel bars for reinforcement of concrete on a state-of-the-art facility. Production technology involves continuous fully-automatic PLC controlled steel rebar rolling plant.

Main products sold by the firm include reinforcing bar, cold twisted steel bars, deformed bar grade 40 and deformed bar grade 60.

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