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Company Name: Athi River

Company name: Athi River
Category: Steel fabrication
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Expertise: Hot & cold rolled steel, hot dip galvanised, cut and bend.
Keywords: Manufacture of steel products and alloy castings.
Telephone number: +254 (0) 702 603 501

Other information: Athi River Steel commenced operation in 1998 as a steel smelter with 19 employees on a 5 acre plot of land at Athi River, just outside Nairobi. Since that time the firm has grown into an area of 30 acres with a workforce of over 800 employees. Today, Athi Steel produces steel to international standards and has been awarded the Diamond Mark of Quality by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

Chemical, mechanical and physical testing labs are equipped with the latest equipment. Stringent quality checks are carried out at every step right from the entry of raw materials through to the dispatch of finished goods. Capabilities extend into production of reinforcement bars, structural steel, cold rolled tubes and profiles, galvanized steel, wire products, fasteners, casting foundry products and spring leaf assemblies.

Athi Steel has invested significantly in 'state of the art' technology to streamline production and ensure quality output. The firm not only manufactures steel products but also provide complete building and value added steel solutions. The solutions range from the cutting and bending of reinforcement steel, to galvanizing, and custom fabrication work for towers, masts and other structures. Main manufactured steel products include structural steel incl equal and unequal angles, flats, T-sections, Z-sections, parallel flange (U or C) channels, universal beams (I-beams), universal columns (H-beams) as well as IPE sections. Building steel products include TMT bars, twisted (CTD) bars, deformed bars, round bars. Spring steel products include a full range of spring leafs and automotive assemblies. The Athi River foundry produces various cast products of various sizes to a maximum weight of 8 tons for a single casting. Athi Steel also has one of the largest hot dip galvanising baths in Kenya, offering a broad range of galvanised pipes, nuts and bolts.

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