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Company name: Corr-line Steel and Roof (Pty) Ltd.

Company name: Corr-line Steel and Roof (Pty) Ltd.
Category: Roof Sheeting
Business location: Pretoria, South Africa

Expertise: Steel roofing products.
Keywords: Corrugated iron, IBR sheet, zincalume, colour coated sheet, sections, flashings
Telephone number: +27 (0)12 804 5272
Fax: +27 (0)12 804 5627
Email address:

Other information: Corr-line Steel and Roof (Pty) Limited is a well-established company - a leading supplier and one-stop-shop for roof sheeting and associated products in various materials and profiles, including lightweight steel roof trusses and structures.

Corr-line are both manufacturers and distributors of steel and roof products. Main products sold includes corrugated galvanised iron [sheets of hot-dip galvanised mild steel, cold-rolled to produce a linear corrugated pattern], IBR sheet [square fluted profile], zincalume [zinc/aluminium alloy coating to impart extra corrosion resistance], colour coated sheet steel [PPGI], widespan sheet [in a trapezoidal profile], steel sections and accessories such as flashings, rain water goods, screws, washers.

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