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Company name: Francemetal

Company name: Francemetal
Category: Steel fabrication
Business location: Labenne, France

Expertise: Steel processing and fabrication.
Keywords: Fabrication of steel, aluminium, stainless steel products.
Telephone number: +33 (0) 237 45 34 35
Fax number: +33 (0) 237 45 52 78

Other information: Francemetal has 3 operating sites at Labenne in France [4000 m2], Marboue in France [4000 m2] and at Tabua in Portugal [2000 m2]. The company processes ~10 000 metric tons of metal per year (sheet bending and metal cutting) and has ~110 employees.
The firm is very experienced in metal bending and sheet metal cutting, and is a specialist in metal working and is a European leader in metal processing (carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel fabrication).

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