Fabricated Steel Manufacturing Co, South Africa.

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Company name: Fabricated Steel Manufacturing Company (Pty) Ltd

Company name: Fabricated Steel Manufacturing Company
Category: Steel Fabrication
Business location: Germiston, South Africa

Expertise: Prefabricated metal buildings.
Keywords: Pre-fabricated buildings, modular building systems, converted containers

Telephone number: +27 (11) 821 5600
Fax: +27 (11) 873 0890
Email address: sales@fsm.co.za
Website: www.fsm.co.za

Other information: The Fabricated Steel Manufacturing Company (FSM) was established in 1933 and specialises in the manufacture of prefabricated steel buildings. FSM offer a large variety of specialist building solutions, ranging from mobile buildings to modular building systems. FSM's products are sold nationally and internationally.

FSM has its main factory located in Germiston, South Africa and a second factory located in Atlantis near Cape Town.

Main products sold by the firm include prefabricated buildings, specialist building solutions, fast space mobiles, modular building systems [where the skeleton of a building consists of a precision made, bolted, pressed steel framework], polycore building systems, converted containers [where sandwich panels with a polystyrene core are bonded to a galvanized sheet and either chromadek or timberwall finish on the inside], folding mobile building units.

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