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Company name: Fusteel

Company name: Fusteel - Fugang Group
Category: Specialty steel bar
Business location: Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

Expertise: Chinese manufacturer of special steel.
Keywords: Duplex stainless steel rebar manufacturer.
Telephone number: 0086-572-3511 716
Fax number: 0086-572-3511 715
Website: http://fusteel.com/
Email address: info@fusteel.com

Other information: Fusteel is the industrial flagship corporation under Fugang Group, founded in Huzhou, Zhejiang,1991. As a top manufacturers of special steel in China, Fusteel is also a lead innovator in the use of duplex stainless steel in the global construction market. The company is a major duplex stainless steel bar rolling technology pioneer and is the world's biggest supplier of epox-coated bar. Fusteel has an annual production and deep processing capacity of 2 million metric tons.

Main products include austenitic stainless steel dowel bars, stainless steel dowel bars, mild carbon steel dowel bars, dowel bar caps and sleeves, fusion-bonded epoxy coated rebar 10-32mm diameter, stainless steel reinforcement bar, corrosion-resistant rebar (304, 304L, 316, 316L), stainless bar for machining, stainless steel square bar, duplex stainless steel square bar, mild carbon steel square bar, stainless steel round bar.

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