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Company name: GMW

Company name: GMW Inc
Category: Steel fabrication
Business location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Expertise: Custom machining and metal fabrication services.
Keywords: Custom metal fabrication, process piping, boilers, steel pressure vessels.
Telephone number: +1 901-276-4593
Fax number: +1 901-276-2729

Other information: GMW Inc offers clients full-service machine and metal fabrication shop capabilities, in everything from process piping and boiler repair, to custom equipment installations.

The firm has the capability to manufacture everything from replacement parts and components to complete systems for a broad range of industries, including beverage, chemical food processing, grain, heavy-lifting equipment, oil and gas, printing, solvent recovery, and terminals.

Custom machine work services include milling, drilling, tapping, threading, and boring services to produce parts measuring from 98″ up to 240″ long, 96″ wide, and 61″ high.

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