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Company name: Global Roofing Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Company name: Global Roofing Solutions (Pty) Limited.
Category: Steel Roofing Materials
Business location: Isando, South Africa

Expertise: Metal roofing products.
Keywords: Corrugated roof sheeting, coated metal tiles, flashings.
Telephone number: (+27) 011-898-2900
Fax: (+27)051 432 3723
Email address:

Other information: Global Roofing Solutions (Pty) Ltd consists of two leading South African roofing material manufacturing operations. These are GRS Brownbuilt (established in 1964) and GRS HH Robertson (established in 1958). The combined GRS business is one of the largest metal roofing manufacturers in South Africa. Both Brownbuilt and HH Robertson are household names for the manufacture of commercial and industrial steel roof coverings and wall cladding profiles (concealed fix and pierced fix), composite steel floor decking profiles and lightweight coated metal roof tiles (incl ARMA-TILE and UNI-TILE).

Main products sold by the firm include roofing sheets, coated metal tiles, corrugated roof sheeting, Chromadek sheet products.

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