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Company Name: Heunis Steel

Company name: Heunis Steel
Category: Roof Sheeting
Location: Zandfontein, South Africa

Expertise: Roof Sheeting, galvanized rainwater goods.
Keywords: Roofing products and accessories
Telephone number: +27 (0)12 372 0021, +27 (0)87 310 4732
Fax: +27 (0)86 729 7863

Other information: Heunis Steel is a leader in the rainwater goods industry. The firm manufactures and supplies one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality galvanized rainwater goods,  roof sheeting and ceiling products for the plumbing and building industry. The company also has a well-equipped, highly efficient engineering plant able to produce a wide range of specialized products to meet customers' individual needs.

Main products sold by the firm include galvanised rainwater goods (including downpipes, gutters, trays, waterheads, stovepipes, flashings, outlets, fittings), roofing products (including corrugated iron roofsheeting, IBR widespan roofsheeting, standard IBR roofsheeting), and roofing accessories (flatsheets, covers, hoop iron, water tanks).

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