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Company name: IMMSA

Company name: IMMSA
Category: Manufacture of steel structures
Business location: Coahuila, Mexico

Expertise: Steel structures for mining.
Keywords: Rigid arches for mines, trusses, apron feeders.
Telephone number: +52 866 639 1232

Other information: IMMSA are engaged in the manufacture of steel structures - as well as equipment for waste collection and recycling, waste transport, mining and power generation. The firm has established itself as a leader in the metal-mechanical industry, and a supplier of custom fabrication projects.

The full company name is Industrias Metalicas de Monclova. The firm specializes in steel fabrication for different applications such as equipment for waste collection, transport and recycling, steel structures for power generation, steel fabrication and steel structures for the mining industry; and manufacture of specialized metal structures.

IMMSA have their own in-house powder coating paint line which includes three washing stations, a dry oven, a powder coating paint booth with the most up to date powder coat application equipment, and a cure oven. The company can paint items such as handrails, panels, shapes, etc measuring up to 10 feet in length and three feet in height.

IMMSA produce for the domestic market in Mexico and export to the international market.

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