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Company name: Marcegaglia

Company name: Marcegaglia Inc
Category: Steel processing & fabrication
Business location: Ravenna, Italy

Expertise: Europe's largest steel processor.
Keywords: Carbon steel flat products, stainless steel, cold drawn bar, plate.
Telephone number: +39 0376 685 1

Other information: Marcegaglia has 22 steel processing centres scattered around the world - 16 in Italy, with the remainder in UK, Russia, USA, Brazil and China. There is also a joint venture company in Bremen, Germany and a network of sales offices worldwide.

Marcegaglia's processing plant at Ravenna in Italy is one of the largest steel processing sites in Europe, capable of processing over 2.5mt of coil products per year; as well as being the main import port for the group from where it distributes steel for further processing to other Marcegaglia plants within Italy.

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