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Company name: MDI Metal

Company name: MDI Metal Company
Category: Stainless steel fabrication
Business location: Sfax, Tunisia

Expertise: Fabrication of stainlesss steel products.
Keywords: Boilers, hoppers, steel piping, staircases, guard-rails, furniture.
Telephone number: + 216 74 832 341
Fax number: + 216 74 832 340
Email address:

Other information: The MDI Metal Company was founded in 1988 and specialises in stainless steel fabrication work, particularly boilers adapted to the needs of the food, cosmetic, biotechnological, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The company's main products include boilers, tanks, cisterns, chutes, hoppers, conveyors, welded assemblies, ramps, guardrails, staircases, industrial mountings (for industrial plants, treatment plants).

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