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Company name: Morgan (UK) Limited

Company name: Morgan (UK) Ltd
Category: Steel Fabrication
Business location: Tyseley, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Expertise: Heavy steel Fabrications.
Keywords: Welded steel fabrications, storage tanks, profiled steel blanks
Telephone number: +44 0121 706 3216
Fax: +44 0121 765 4177
Email address: enquiries@morganuk.co.uk
Website: www.morganfabrications.co.uk

Other information: Morgan (UK) Ltd has a wealth of experience in the production of welded steel fabrications for a variety of applications. These include general and heavy steel fabrication in particular. The company specialises in steel fabrication, heavy structure fabrication, welding, profile cutting and welding, plasma cutting, MIG welding (metal inert gas welding), TIG welding (tungsten inert gas welding) and also undertakes metal shearing, sawing, plate bending, drilling, surface grinding and paint spraying.

Morgan's capabilities enable the firm to undertake one-off or batch jobs, including the manufacture of production Line quantities. Lower volume fabrications are typically built from machine bed plates. High volume quantities are built using jigs and fixtures, and welded using the latest MIG or electric arc welding equipment.

The firm's main products and services include heavy steel fabrications, cut profiles, steel tanks, vessels and stampings. Morgan's profile cutting division supplies clients with profiled blanks (from 1 to 10000 units). All flame cutting programs are generated through the latest CAD/CAM systems.

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