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Company name: Pro Roof Group Of Companies

Company name: Pro Roof
Category: Fabricators & Steel Merchants 
Business location: Duncanville, Vereeniging, South Africa

Expertise: Steel Manufacturing.
Keywords: Roofing sheeet, welded beams, fencing, wire products, tube, sections
Telephone number: +27 16 450 5800
Fax: +27 16 450 5800
Email address:

Other information: Pro Roof are steel merchants and manufacturers of a full range of flat and long steel products for sale to the South African market and various export markets.

Pro Roof Steel Merchants has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of roofing solutions in South Africa. The three most common and popular roofing profiles (Corrugated, IBR, Widespan) used in the roofing industry worldwide, are manufactured in-house at the firm's various service and steel processing centers in South Africa. Pro Roof can supply all these profiles in both, galvanised and colour coated (painted) finish.

The company's service and steel processing centers also offer several value added services commonly used in conjunction with the three most widely used profiles. These include bullnosing and cranking of corrugated, IBR and widespan profiles.

Other services include slitting of coils (coils as wide as 1500mm can be slit according to customer requirements), cutting-to-length (CTL lines can accommodate coils with a maximum weight of 25 tons), blanking (cutting and slitting material to specific lengths and widths), and recoiling (offered at the Vereeniging service and steel processing centre).

Main products sold by the firm include roofing sheet products (including the corrugated profile, the oldest and most widely used profile for roofing and cladding applications; the IBR or 'inverted box rib' profile, one of the most popular profiles used for roofing and side cladding applications in the industrial, commercial and residential building sector; and the widespan profile, a roofing and cladding profile that was designed to provide the building and construction industry with an economical alternative to the IBR profile, without sacrificing the popular fluted concept so frequently used in modern architecture). Other key products include welded beams (universal columns and beams as well as T-beams), fencing and steel wire products (including razor wire in both concertina and flat wrap profiles, fencing posts and stays, palisade fencing, gates), as well as tubing (hot rolled structural sections) and cold formed open sections, other flat and long products.

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