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Company name: Saskarc Fabrication Company

Company name: Saskarc Fabrication
Category: Metal fabrication services
Business location: Saskachewan, Canada

Expertise: Custom Metal Fabrication in Western Canada.
Keywords: Modular fabrication, Western Canada incl Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & British Columbia.

Email address:
Telephone: +1-877-580-6864

Other information: Saskarc has two modern modular steel and custom metal fabrication facilities with substantial floor and office space. With over 14 acres of outdoor lay down space and over 100 employees, the Company is able to take on multiple large projects simultaneously.

Saskarc performs fabrication, modularization and industrial finishing of carbon and stainless steel in platework (panels, pump boxes, casings, hoppers, ducting, bins, chimney liners, stacks), structural steel (pipe rack modules, utility modules, conveyors, support steel, skids, monorails), access areas (ladders, stairs, platforms, walkways, catwalks).

Typical Saskarc fabrication materials include carbon Steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel, Mangalloy, Hastelloy, other specialty alloys.

Saskarc’s main focus is on the petrochemical, oil and gas, refinery, oilsands mining, potash uranium and gold, power generation and carbon capture clients.

Other steel fabrication and value added services offered by the firm include engineering and shop detailing, in-house quality control [certified inspectors, maintenance, 5S, safety and lean manufacturing programs], customized weld procedures developed to client requirements, blasting and painting, passivation of stainless steel.

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