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Company name: Sidoc

Company name: Sidoc
Category: Fabricated long products
Business location: Acopi Yumbo, Cali, Colombia

Expertise: Supply of steel bar, wire, mesh products.
Keywords: Wire rod, welded mesh, nails.
Telephone number: +57 2 664 4717
Email address:

Other information: Sidoc was founded in 1987 and is the only steel company with 100% national capital located in southwestern Colombia. Sidoc works under ISO 9001 quality standards and also has an integrated management system where there is a commitment to excellence, the environment and society.

Sidoc is a semi-integrated steel mill, which means that scrap iron and recyclable steel is the main raw material for the manufacture of steel products.

Sidoc is not only committed to the environment in its production process but also from the scrap collection process, where small and medium collectors of recyclable material are supported. It also has social responsibility programs that not only seeks to benefit suppliers and employees but also the community in general.

The commitment that Sidoc has to the development of Colombia is one of its priorities and that is why it seeks to remain a profitable and sustainable company that can continue investing in the country.

The principal steel products made by Sidoc include ribbed rebar (manufactured under the Colombian technical standard NTC-2289 seventh update, a modified adoption of ASTM A706), smooth carbon steel bar, square bar 9-16mm, cut and bent rebar, flat bar, electrowelded wire mesh & fasteners (steel nails).

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