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Company name: Soto Toles

Company name: Sototoles
Category: Steel fabrication
Business location: Lome, Togo

Expertise: Rebar, rod, wire, plate, sheet.
Keywords: Fabrication of steel products.
Telephone number: +228 22 27 42 75

Other information: Undisputed leader in Togo, the Togolese Company of Sheet Metal Products and Metallo-Steel (New Sototoles) manufactures and markets galvanized sheets, black plates, rods, welded tubes, open profiles, annealed wires and rolled merchant bar.

The main activity of Sototoles since 1992 has been the production of corrugated sheets and galvanized tray sheets. The firm recently diversified with the installation of welded tubes production lines, investment in rebars production plant and installation of a galvanizing line.

Nouvelle Sototoles is the first industrial company in the UEMOA region to have a hot-dip galvanizing line and a production line for phosphated and galvanized wires.

Key products include steel nails, spikes, hooks, reinforcing bar, wire rod, galvanised wire, annealed iron wire, IPE joists, UPN joists, flat irons, T-sections, H-sections, U-sections; square, rectangular and round steel tubes, galvanised corrugated sheets, roof tiles, aluminum sheets.

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