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Company name: Steel Benders UK Ltd

Company name: Steel Benders UK Ltd
Category: Steel Fabrication
Business location: Dockside Road Industrial Estate, Cochranes Wharf, Middlesbrough, UK

Expertise: Structural Steel Fabricators.
Keywords: Plate Rolling, Press Braking, Section Bending, Steel Profiling
Telephone number: +44 01642 244 428
Fax: +44  01642 244 429
Email address:

Other information: Steel Benders UK is the largest steel bending company in the north east of England. The ompany supplies services that include plate rolling, press braking, section bending, steel profiling. Typical clients come from the offshore petrochemical, structural fabricator and general engineering industries.

The firm was formed to assist UK companies who do not have their own 'in-house' steel bending facilities. The company not only supplies steel bending services and materials, but also assists in the bending of free issue materials supplied by clients. With machinery to cut plate steel up to 400mm thick and crane that can lift up to 20 tonnes, Steel Benders UK have the capacity to service large scale contracts.

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