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Company name: Xinghua Kailong

Company name: Xinghua Kailong Stainless Steel Products Company Ltd
Category: Manufacturer of wire and wire rope
Business location: Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Expertise: Wire rope, steel cable, wire, stainless steel strand.
Keywords: Stainless steel cable, steel strand, galvanised wire rope.
Telephone number: +86-523-8299 5586
Email address:

Other information: Xinghua Kailong Stainless Steel Products Co Ltd was founded in 2006. The firm is professionally engaged in stainless steel wire rope design and manufacture. The monthly output is nearly 120 tons, which makes Xinghua Kailong annual sales figure exceed USD 6 million.

Main products include stainless steel wire rope (including PP/PVC/PE/nylon coated and galvanised steel wire rope), steel wire (welding wire, stainless steel spring wire, annealed steel wire), stainless steel wire rope slings (with higher tensile strength and good resistance to abrasion), and stainless steel chain (link chain).

The Xinghua Kailong Stainless Steel Products Company is one of biggest stainless steel wire rope manufacturer in southeast China.

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