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Company name: Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant

Company name: Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant [Mechel Group]
Category: High grade ferrosilicon.
Business location: Bratsk, Irkutsk Region, Russia

Expertise: Ferrosilicon with 65% and 75% silicon content.
Keywords: FeSi 65, FeSi 75, ferro silicon
Email address:
Telephone/fax: +7 (3953) 49-59-01

Other information: Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant is the largest enterprise in Eastern Siberia producing high-grade ferrosilicon, with 65% and 75% silicon content. The company is a subsidiary of the Mechel Group, which is one of the leading Russian mining and metals companies. For detials about Mechel itself, visit Mechel Groupwebsite.

The history of the Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant dates back to 1987, when it was a crystalline silicon shop belonging to Bratsk's aluminum plant. Silicon and its compounds were widely used in electronics to produce semi-conductors and solar batteries; and in 1970s the Soviet Union has insufficient silicon which prompted construction of the thermal-electric shop.

By 2003 the crystalline silicon shop withdrew from aluminium plant ownership and became an independent enterprise. By then its chief produce was high-grade ferrosilicon. Mechel Group acquired the plant in 2007.

In 2008, Mechel obtained access to the Uvatsk deposits of quartzite and quartz sandstones (located in the Irkutsk Region, some 24 kilometers from the town of Nizhneudinskwith) with reserves estimated at 7 million tonnes. In 2011, the Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant signed a contract for the delivery of four 33-mVA ore-thermal ovens. Oven reconstruction took place throughout 2011-2012. As part of the ongoing modernisation, the plant's first electric arc ferroalloy furnace was also installed in 2012.

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