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Company name: Cheegoole

Company name: Cheegoole
Category: Ferroalloys.
Business location: Anyang, Henan Province, China

Expertise: Steelmaking ferroalloys.
Keywords: Ferroalloy deoxidizers for converter steelmaking & secondary refining
Website: www.cheegoole.com
Email address: alloys@cheegoole.com
Telephone: +86 372 373 6860

Other information: Cheegoole was founded in 2008 in Anyang, Henan Province, China; and mainly engaged at first in sales of ferro silicon, calcium silicon for deoxidation and in the production of Mg-Fe-Si alloy (nodularizers). In 2009, the domestic price of China's ferro silicon soared. At this point, Cheegoole experimented with the use of silicon carbide instead of ferrosilicon for the deoxidation process. Today, Cheegoole offer foundries and steelmakers a form of silicon carbide that can reduce production costs.

Cheegoole offer a combination of barium, calcium, manganese and silicon to produce a series of ferroalloy compound deoxidizers. Compared with traditional alloy deoxidizers such as ferro silicon, ferro manganese, ferro aluminum and so on - vapor pressure is lower, dissolution is faster and the deoxidation rate is much higher. Cheegoole products are thus more suitable for deoxidation in converter steelmaking and during secondary refining.

Cheegoole's main customers include the Shougang Group, the Tangshan Steel Group, the ShiFeng Group and Yongxing Iron and Steel.

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