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Company name: Baylis Emerging Markets

Company name: Baylis Emerging Markets
Category: Private equity for African markets
Business location: New York, USA [Head Office]

Expertise: Private equity investor - African markets.
Keywords: Emerging markets.
Email address:
Telephone: +1 646-679-4800

Other information: Baylis Emerging Markets has built a best-in-class US-compliant platform with the long-term objective of enabling the efficient deployment of US capital, in particular, into Africa.

A woman and minority owned firm, Baylis's diverse partner team brings together an extensive experience in frontier markets private equity and a unique in-depth expertise on African markets, reinforced by strong operational skills.

Baylis invests in established small to mid-market companies within the manufacturing and industrials sectors (including metals manufacturing, steel rolling, further steel processing) and benefits from a pan-African geographic remit. The firm currently has offices in New York City and in Lagos, Nigeria.

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