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Company name: Greybull Capital

Company name: Greybull Capital LLP
Category: Finance
Business location: London, UK

Expertise: Investment company.
Keywords: Debt and equity investment.

Other information: Greybull Capital focuses on investing in energy, technology, retail, industrial and manufacturing sectors (including iron and steel). Greybull Capital was founded in January 2008 by the French-born brothers Nathaniel and Marc Meyohas. Greybull Capital's headquarters is located in London, England.

The firm focuses on investments in underperforming companies, undertaking so-called 'rescue deals'.

Recent transactions include the mid-2016 purchase of Tata Steel's long product facilities in Scunthorpe plus steel rolling plants at Skinningrove (UK), Teesside (UK), and Hayange (France). This newly-acquired business was later renamed as British Steel. British Steel went into receivership in May 2019.

Greybull also bought a majority stake in Monarch Airlines in 2014, with an investment of £125m. However, the airline failed in October 2017, triggering what was then described as the UK's biggest ever peacetime repatriation of stranded holidaymakers.

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