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Company Name: Metal Expert

Company name: Metal Expert
Category: Information Services
Location: Dnipro, Ukraine

Expertise: Steel pricing intelligence, news, industry data.
Keywords: News, data, analysis, conferences, consultancy.
Telephone number: +38 056 239 88 50

Other information: Metal Expert is a specialist media company - an independent provider of pricing intelligence, news, data, analysis and conferences for the iron and steel industry.

Pricing intelligence covers semi-finished steel products, carbon and stainless finished steel products, coated flat steel, steel tubes and pipes, wire products, iron ore, pig iron, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, ferro-alloys, steam coal, anthracite, coking coal, coke, aluminum alloys, aluminum products, etc.

Supply side data covers steel capacity, production, and the structure of steel (and steelmaking raw material) trade flows.

The company also organises industry conferences. Metal Expert's team of analysts provides cost-price forecasting services and metal sector consultancy.

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