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Company name: Assore Ltd

Company name: Assore Ltd
Category: Mining of manganese, iron and chrome ores
Business location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Expertise: Supply of manganese, iron ore and chrome ore.
Keywords: Ore Mining
Telephone number: +27 11 770 6800
Fax: +27 11 268 6040

Other information: Based in Johannesburg - South Africa - Assore Ltd is a mining holding company principally engaged in ventures involving base materials and metals.

The group's principal investment is a 50% interest in Assmang Proprietary Limited (Assmang) which it controls jointly with African Rainbow Minerals Limited (ARM). The group, through its various joint-venture entities and subsidiary companies, is involved in the mining of iron, manganese and chrome ores together with other industrial minerals and the production of manganese alloys. The group is also responsible for marketing all products produced by the Assore and Assmang groups.

The company was incorporated in 1950 and its shares are listed on the JSE Securities Exchange (JSE) under 'Assore'.

Approximately 26% of the company's shares are controlled by two broad-based black economic empowerment community trusts. These are the Boleng Trust (~14.3% equity ownership) and the Fricker Road Trust (~11.8% share ownership). The Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act required that by 1 May 2014, 26% of mining companies' shares should be controlled by historically disadvantaged South Africans.

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