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Company name: Demir Export AS

Company name: Demir Export
Category: Iron ore mining
Business location: Ankara, Turkey

Expertise: Iron ore mine operations
Keywords: Iron ore mining - zinc lead silver copper and gold concentrate
Telephone number: +90 312 415 45 00
Fax: +90 312 418 01 51
Email address:

Other information: Based in Ankara, Demir Export AS is one of Turkey's leading mining companies producing iron ore, coal, copper and chromite ore.

Key iron ore mining assets include the Sivas Divrigi Iron Ore Mine (Sivas Purunsur Iron Ore Mine - annual production of 350 – 400k tonnes); the Sivas Çetinkaya Ore Mine (reserve of ~6 million tonnes with 54% iron content); the Elkondu Iron Ore Mine (production capacity of ~ 150kt iron ore per annum.); the Sivas Otlukilise Iron Ore Mine (major ore minerals being limonite and hematite); the Balikesir Şamli Iron Ore Mine (magnetite production capacity of ~200k tons per annum); the Kayseri Uzunpinar Iron Ore Mine; and Balikesir Kucuk Egmir Iron Ore (located 15 km east of Havran).

Principal coal mining assets include the Sivas Kangal Coal Mine (which supplies the Kangal Thermal Plant) and the Soma Eynez Underground Coal Mine (output of ~2-2.5 mt coal per annum).

Other mines include the Bakirtepe Gold Mine; the Kayseri Kas Gold Mine and the Bergama Perlit Mine.

Mine development activities include the Erzurum-Ispir Copper-Zinc Project, with ~3 million tonnes of mineral reserves.

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