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Company name: GolGohar Iron Ore Ltd

Company name: GolGohar Investment and Development Company
Category: Supply of iron ore
Business location: Tehran, Iran

Expertise: Supply of iron ore lump and iron ore fines.
Keywords: Sirjan Iron Ore Mine, Bandar Abbas
Telephone number: +98 21 88977261-6
Fax: +98 21 88977260
Website: http://golgohar-id.com/en.html
Email address: info@golgohar.com

Other information: Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co. deposits were first discovered in 1969, by the Iranian Barite Company. Thereafter, the Golgohar Mining & Industrial Company was established as a joint venture between the National Iranian Steel Company and Sepah Bank of Iran. Eventually, in 1991, the registered company of Golgohar Mining & Industrial Company was formed in Sirjan. In December 2003, the Company turned to a Public Joint Stock Company with presentation of shares at the Stock Exchange.

Golgohar Investment & Development Company launched its commercial activities in November 2009. Shareholders include the Golgohar Mining & Industrial Company which own 90% of the company's shares.

The firm's main mining asset is the Sirjan Iron Ore Mine. This is an open pit mine with mining, crushing concentrating and pelletizing capability. Iron ore is transported ~326km by rail to the port of Bandar Abbas.

Main products sold by the company include iron ore lump with 59% and 60% Fe content, and iron ore fines with 56% iron content.

Associated companies include the GoharPoodr Pars Company (production of lime, dolomite and ailica) and Gohar Tarabar (provision of road and rail transport and port services).

While the company is actively engaged in investment in Mineral and industrial projects,the core products of the company remain extraction of Iron Ore, producing iron ore concentrate, iron ore pellets and direct reduced iron (DRI).

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