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Company name: Iran Central Iron Ore Company

Company name: Iran Central Iron Ore Co
Category: Iron ore mining
Business location: Bafgh City, Yazd, Iran

Expertise: Iron Ore
Keywords: Choghart Iron Ore Mine
Telephone number: +98 351 6285630 2
Fax: +98 35 32424101
Website: ICIOC
Email address:

Other information: Technical studies have identified some 35 iron-rich anomalies in the Bafgh region of Iran with iron ore reserves of ~ 1.7 billion tons. The most important iron ore deposits include the Bafgh Iron Ore body, Chadormalou, Choghart, Chah Ghaz, Northern anomaly, D19 anomaly, and Mishdvn Shaykh.

Iran Central Iron Ore Co (ICIOC) is a producer of iron ore and has its own mine in Choghart with crushing and pelletising facilities. Main ICIOC products include balst furnace lump ore and blast furnace pellets. ICIOC iron ore fines and lump have 61% Fe content.

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